The Advantage was designed with a couple of key traits in mind: efficiency and vibration mitigation.  The optimised pitch distribution and non-linear blade skew result in a propeller that operates with substantially lower vibration levels, both through the hull and up the shaft-line, than conventional propellers.  These qualities coupled with low cavitation and high efficiency, make the Advantage series a favorite among long-distance fishing vessels, AT/B’s and other commercial boats that cover lots of territory.  Each Advantage propeller is custom-engineered for the specific vessel and mission in order to provide the very best in efficiency, crew comfort and durability.  


When your bottom line is dictated by your fuel bill, you can count on the efficiency that’s built into every Advantage propeller. This state-of-the-art wheel has the following features:

• Available in 3, 4 or 5-blade configurations up to 150”
• Available in Bronze, Ni-Al-Br and CF-3 Stainless Steel
• DAR from .60 to 1.20
• Custom DAR / blade width available
• Custom hub and weights available
• Variable pitch

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