When we talk to owners about operating in brownwater, the most common word we hear is tough.  The river is tough.  Debris is tough.  Groundings are tough.  Staying on schedule is tough.  Equipment needs to be tough.  That’s why we engineered our D-Style props to be tougher.  There is a delicate balance between durability and efficiency.  But it doesn’t really matter how efficient a propeller is if it’s in the repair shop.  We lean toward the tough end of the spectrum with this prop because we know you make your money when your boat is running.  So when the riverbank hits you hard, hit back harder.  Robust root sections and thick edges and tips mean that you’ll keep on pushing when things get tough.


The D-Style has unmatched performance for highly-loaded vessels that have draft limitations such as river towboats and pushboats.  The design minimizes cavitation while maintaining the thrust that you need to get the job done.  This prop has the following features:

• Available in 4 or 5-blade configurations up to 140”
• Available in Bronze, Ni-Al-Br and CF-3 Stainless Steel
• Blade Thickness Fraction:  0.054
• Standard DAR is .82-.89 in 4-blade and .95-1.05 in 5-blade
• Custom configurations available

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