The SuperCrew has been engineered to run at high speeds, under heavy loading where efficiency and vibration reduction is a top priority.  If your prime mission is to move crews and widely varying loads as quickly as possible, the SuperCrew is a great wheel to consider.  We’ve developed the blade sections with thicker roots to absorb big horsepower, yet they’re able to maintain the efficiency that operators expect for their fleet.  And when it comes time for repairs, the no-nonsense flat pressure face gets these wheels in and out of the shop in no time without added expense.  Efficiency and durability can be a delicate balance to achieve and the SuperCrew does a great job of both while running smooth.  


When your mission is to run quickly and efficiently, you can count on the engineering and durability that goes into every SuperCrew we make.  This go-to prop has the following features:

• Available in 3, 4 or 5-blade configurations up to 60”
• Available in Bronze, Ni-Al-Br and CF-3 Stainless Steel
• DAR for 3-blade is .62
• DAR for 4-blade is .83
• CNC finish available
• Custom sizes and blade widths available

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