The HS Kaplan has been designed for use in ducted applications.  With a large tip chord length, the Kaplan develops substantially more thrust than a conventional, open propeller of the same size.  This propeller is at home on boats operating at slower speeds where maximum thrust is the prime objective.  Shrimpers, tugs, supply boats and more realize the advantage of running Kaplans that generate the thrust and efficiency needed for the job.  The 5-blade option provides additional blade area for high power applications.  Blade area can also be adjusted as required for special applications.  And if vibration mitigation or noise is a concern, then the Skewed Kaplan is the way to go.  


When pushing or pulling extremely large things is your core business; you can count on the quality and durability that’s built into each and every Kaplan propeller.  The series has the following features:

• Available in Bronze, Ni-Al-Br and CF-3 Stainless Steel
• Available in 3, 4 or 5-blade configurations up to 150”
• Custom configurations available
• Available standard or skewed
• DAR for 4-blade is .55 or .70
• Custom blade widths available

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